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Group Members


Francis A. S. Chipem

Principal Investigator


Office: 202 (Old Biotechnology Building)

Contact: +91-84159 23983


Email: francis(AT)

Post-Doctoral Fellow:


Dr. Shougaijam Premila Devi

PhD, North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU)


Designation: WOS-A Woman Scientist


Research Area: Metal catalyzed nitrene reaction with C-H bond

Joined: July 2023

Email: premila.devi.10[AT]

PhD Students:


Amar Ningthoujam

M.Sc., Manipur University


Research Area: Interactions between ionic liquids and heteroatom substituted two-dimensional structures

Joined: 2017

Email: amarningthoujam(AT)


Khaidem Dilan Kumar Singh

M.Sc., Manipur University


Research Area: Photochromism in bichromophoric organic molecules

Joined: 2017

Email: dylankhaidem(AT)


Sophy A. Shimray

M.Sc., Manipur University


Research Area: Structure-function relationship study of photoactive biomolecules

Joined: 2017

Email: sophyashimray(AT)


Shandham Sanjoy Singh

M.Sc., North Eastern Hill University (NEHU)


Research Area: Catalytic study of two-dimensional structures and metal oxides

Joined: 2019

Email: sanjoymail(AT)

Affiliation: Lilong Haoreibi College, Thoubal, Manipur


Dr. Yengkhom Dhanapriya Devi


M.Sc., NIT Manipur


Research Area: Synthesis of lithium zinc ferrites nanocomposites and their hyperthermia application

Joined: 2017

Email: dhanapriyayengkhom(AT)


Sanio David

M.Sc., Mangalore University


Research Area: Mechanistic study of hydrogen atom transfer in photocatalyzed organic synthesis

Joined: 2021




Salima Begum


Visit Period: Since 2021


Current Affiliation: PhD,  Department of Chemistry, Manipur University, under the supervision of Dr. R. K. London

Email: salimachesam786(AT)


Tsenbeni N. Lotha


Visit Period: Since November 2022


Current Affiliation: PhD,  Department of Environmental Science, Nagaland University, Lumami

Email: tsenbenilotha06(AT)


Dr. Chingakham Chinglenthoiba (John)


Visit Period: 2020 - 2021


Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore

Email: ch.chinglenthoiba(AT)

Graduated PhD Student:


Dr. Yengkhom Dhanapriya Devi

Year of Award: 2023

(Co-Supervision with Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh)

Thesis Title:

x       1-x    4


Past Members:

Graduated MSc Students:

17. Matuingam Raikhan, 2022

16. Linluguiliu Phaomei, 2022

15. Sochipem Keishing, 2022

14. Ngairangbam Chandrajini Devi, 2019

13. Ningthoujam Henba, 2019

12. Peace Rongmei, 2019

11. Linthoingambi Laishram

10. Naorem Nganthoi Devi, 2018
  9. R. Julia Aimol, 2018
  8. Anjali Tayenjam, 2018
  7. Lizii Rosily, 2017 (Summer Project, Christ University Bangalore)
  6. A. G. Asenath, 2017
  5. Sanjenbam Amarjeet Singh, 2016
  4. Salima Begum, 2015
  3. Raj Hijam, 2015
  2. Shokhongam Lupho, 2014
  1. Shantikumar Ngangom, 2014

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